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Here at James Dry Cleaners we provide a
wide range of repairs and alterations.
We can fit zips to trousers and coats,
Shorten the sleeves on your favourite shirt,
Shorten your new trousers or skirt.
We even taper in your old jeans to look like new ones.
Replace buttons,fix holes,hem curtains and even sew badges.
call us for all enquiries ,And we will try to help you with all your requirements

Our leather ,suede & fur service is processed by

a leader in the field of this nature.We believe that these skins have to be treated with the upmost care to keep them looking like new.

We love a wedding or special event here at James as much as anyone .That's why we take the upmost care and pride in cleaning and finishing your special garments .Our state of the art dry cleaning machine has specific programs to clean and dry your delicate items. The garments are then delicately hand finished and packaged so as no harm can come to them.
For companies that wish to give their staff an extra perk ,we offer the service of picking up  and delivering from your place of work.
How it works
  • we establish an area for us to pick and deliver back to
  • your staff bag and tag their garments
  • we pick up on specified day
  • we deliver back on next specified day

this saves you and your staff having to use

precious lunch time to do this chore

Give us a call and we can create a system to fit your requirements.


Shirts say a lot about a person, once the jacket comes of its the shirt that does all the talking here at James dry cleaners we pay attention when laundering your shirts to your cuffs and collars being scrubbed before washing shirts with quality soaps and conditioners.

 They are then dried gently before being hand finished to a just like new finish


Here at James Dry Cleaners we also offer a

laundry service in which we wash,dry & fold

your clothing

Our bed linen service here at
James Dry Cleaners is an experience more than a service .theres nothing more relaxing than slipping into nice fresh crisp bedding after a hard day at work or play.




All Dry Cleaning at James Dry Cleaners is processed on site it is undertaken in a clean

and calm environment where we spend enough time as necessary on your garments each garment is inspected for stains before being spotted by one of our experienced staff The garment is then processed in our most up to date machinery. After the drying process the garments are all given the due care and attention to high quality finishing in our pressing department where all garments are hand finished and then bagged individually ready for your collection .We do our best to remove stains using  various types of classified chemicals. if we have not been successful in removing any of your stains entirely we re-clean your garments once again. If we are still unsuccessful in removing any of the stains we will advise you accordingly on the next best possible action. you will find the very best service and advise based on our knowledge and expertise within the dry cleaning and laundry industry

Our services are all listed below


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